Ratings & Hot Sauce Make the Internet Go Round

Hello friends. Hoping you all survived the St. Paddy's Day weekend with most of your brain cells still in tact. (Don't look at me like that -- you know who you are). Had the good fortune of having Page Turner (Part 2 of Incubus Rising) processed by Smashwords this weekend and the trickle down begins now to Amazon and Barnes and Noble and Apple and Kobo and all the wonderful outlets that allow people like me to get their work out there and share with the world.  Still, the actual ratings on my sales are hovering at the absolute zero- to the embarrassingly low mark (thanks MOM - you're a peach). Ratings on sights like Amazon and Barnes and Noble and Goodreads are vitally important to how a work is received and I'm asking that you please, please, please go on-line and rate my work. I don't care if it's five stars (Yay!) or three (Meh.), although the higher rating is, of course, always preferable!  A written review, while helpful, is not required and it takes no time at all. Think of me as that super cool iPhone case you purchased, that meme that made you laugh out loud, or that really awesome hot sauce you procured from that tiny bistro in New Orleans. I enjoyed Atomic Faceburn #2 immensely and would encourage you to give it a try!  Four solid stars! Pass it on and enjoy with my blessings and a glass of milk!

There is no reason for a writer, a performer, an artist or a hot sauce to exist if there's no audience.

As always, thank you for any and all support!