March 2017 - News and Notes

Hello happy readers. Hope all is well and you're enjoying your winter thus far. For Northerners like me this is the home stretch with Spring right around the corner. Part of what I like the most about being from New York is that the seasons do change and every few months we get a dose of something completely different. It goes from buried in snow to buried in sand within a matter of days and I can't deny that I love it! 

With the kiddy back in school after a loooooonnnnggggg February break I'm finally back to work over here, which means that Finding Eden is on the chopping block and getting the full press edit as we speak. As a matter of fact as soon as I finish this blog I'll be working on slicing and dicing her, hoping to get that trusty first draft out of my head and on to the next stage of tweaking. (The boring but entirely necessary "Edit for Mistakes" portion of the process.) As I mentioned in the February newsletter Eden's story is entirely mapped out and just waiting for me to set it free... although I'm having some minor reservations about the ending that I'm hoping to have conquered fully by this pass. Fingers crossed and here's hoping! #inspirationfindme

Some other news that you might want to pass along to anyone you think might be interested, Smashwords is having a promotion called Read an Ebook Week from March 5th to March 11th with thousands of authors on deep discount and even free in some cases. During the promotion all my work that isn't already free will be listed at 75% off on the Smashwords site. So now is the perfect time to tell and friend to tell a friend to tell a friend about how fantastic Dante and Gabriel and Cage and Rafe would all look on their e-reader. Go to for more information and grab yourself a deep discounted ebook today! Yay!

As always thank you for your continued support and for keeping the dream alive. Have a wonderful March.

xoxo Jenn