April/May News and Notes

Happy Spring! Here we are again, another month and a half gone by like a shot. Time flies, doesn't it? Not as much editing as I'd like happening on this end due to a rash of school vacations, time off, and holidays but I am trying as hard as I can to sneak in some sporadic blocks of work. I'm still plugging away at my full length romance novel, Finding Eden, but it's a real beast, which will be fun to read (I hope) but not so much to proofread. So stick with me and I hope to have a release date and some tantalizing teasers ready for you very soon. Then it will be on to the SIXTH installment of the Incubus Rising Series -- a saucy little tale about....??? Well, you'll just have to wait and see won't you?

In the meantime here are some random things I'm looking forward to in the entertainment realm in the coming days and months.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 is right around the corner and I do love a good, action packed Marvel popcorn guzzler. In addition, the latest Thor trailer is out there in the webisphere and it looks great. Now I know the trailers can sometimes be deceiving but I have my fingers crossed that Ragnarock will not disappoint, especially with the Hulk and Loki solidly in the mix. The Last Jedi released a poster and a trailer earlier in the week and both look pretty epic. And I also see Charlie Hunnam's gorgeous...face is back on the map and I'm a real sucker for hot men and historical dramas, so his Guy Ritchie directed Arthurian tale is a no brainer for me. Take my money, please and thank you! 

Cable television is at the height of its Renaissance as far as I'm concerned and there's so much out there that I'm excited about. Game of Thrones is starting its long tease with cast photos and short bites and Outlander is slowly but surely coming up more and more on the feeds. The new Twin Peaks is quickly approaching and American Gods and The White Princess are set to begin their runs on premium cable. (Both based on popular books by the way). I've been watching The White Queen and the Tudors repeats to whet my appetite and, honestly, it couldn't be whetter!

Unfortunately there's nothing on my e-reader that I'm overly anxious to share but I did see that Laini Taylor has a new book out. If you don't already know Ms. Taylor is the author of the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy and it's a riveting YA, paranormal read that I highly recommend. I also just started reading Amelia Hutchins's Playing With Monsters and am enjoying it for the most part. Hutchins is a genius at sexy alphas, damaged and dark as they may be. Check out her Fae Chronicles for more supernatural angst, torrid romance, and plenty of big badass men you'll love to hate. 

Otherwise it's all showers and weddings and happily prepping for summer! What have you got going on? Drop me a line and let me know what you're lovin' right now! 

Happy Easter. Happy Passover. Happy Spring.

xoxo Jenn