Shamelessly Begging for Reviews

In a shameless attempt to get more reviews on…well… basically everything in my catalogue, we’re sticking with Amazon for a little bit longer with FREE DEALS practically every day in the month of July. Head on over to Amazon to stock up on all my work and feel free to share with your friends. And please, please, please, please, please if you’ve written a review in the past, please check that its actually posted since there seems to be an ongoing problem with reviews actually making it on to the page. Goodreads, Amazon, Nook, Smashwords… All of them!

In the meantime, I’m still plugging away at my new Sci-fy Alien Romance over here. Tap, tap, tapping away in space.

As always, thanks for the support and for keeping the dream alive!

Happy Summer Reading. xo xo J