Important Information on Missing Kindle Reviews

FRIENDS, FAMILY & FANS! IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR KINDLE USERS! It has come to my attention since releasing Finding Eden that people who are posting reviews via the "Before You Go" pop-up screen at the end of the book in Kindle ARE NOT ALWAYS BEING POSTED. Therefore I'm asking you to please, please, please either check that your review does indeed post when using this feature OR (at the suggestion of Amazon Help) that you post your reviews directly from the product details page in Amazon. (i.e., Write a Customer Review, just like you would for any other Amazon product you purchase). Further if you do find that your reviews don't seem to be posting directly from your Kindle you may also uninstall/reinstall the app. Kindle recommends deregistering your device first in the settings section within your Kindle and then uninstalling. I'd be happy to provide the exact info sent to me by Kindle if you feel like you need it.

As an author, especially an author with a new release, reviews are CRUCIAL and any and all reviews (good, bad, or indifferent) are a vital part of the process. If you are one of the reviewers who reached out to me about having a problem posting your review I'd be very grateful if you went back and posted via the product page at Amazon to cut out the cyber middle man. I'm truly sorry to make you do double the work for something that should be so simple, but I can't stress enough how important this is.

In the meantime, Kindle Users, please share this information with any and all of your reader friends and authors alike. I'd hate to think there are deserving authors out there that are missing reviews! Thank you for your time. #amwriting #contemporaryromance #selfpublishing